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Business and Residential Security

Our commitment to customer service, quality of workmanship and safety is unmatched in the security industry.  We empower our employees thru training and education to be the very best access control, video surveillance, intrusion and fire system specialists in Texas.

Surveillance Camera Installation Texas

Video Surveillance

Intelligent video surveillance, license plate recognition, people counting and POS integration


Advanced encrypted intrusion detection with smart building integration

Fire Systems

Fired detection system installation, service and inspection

Access Control

Localized, Hosted and fully Integrated access control service and installation

Building Automation

We create operational efficiency with complete building automation

Data Cabling

Beyond security we offer complete data cabling and fiber optic solutions

24 hr Monitoring

We offer fully redundant UL listed intrusion and fire alarm monitoring

Cloud Services

Intrusion, Access Control and Video Surveillance is now readily available vis our cloud services

Our Process

Three Simple Steps

Your time is important and thats why we have simplified our process down to three simple steps to get any security or life safety system up and running.  We value your time!


A quick or even a site visit to understand your need and/or threats


Our skilled technicians will quickly install and make your system operational saving you hours of labor


Education represents 30% of all security service calls, we invest in educating you and your team

Texas Security Integration

Locally Owned & Operated

We are a Texan owned and operated company who values our communities piece of mind.  We offer certified and professionally trained security services in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

We offer our Texas customers 24/7 fire, intrusion and video surveillance monitoring at one of our fully redundant UL rated monitoring stations.  Our operators are trained and prepared to respond to any alarm signal coming from your home or business and know how to take action to protect the property you value most.
Our skilled technicians deploy some of the most advanced access controls systems on the market but we also understand that managing these systems can be difficult.  We offer on-site training for your staff by a certified technician but if resources are limited, don’t worry, let TSI be an extension of your staff and we’ll manage it for you.

Video Surveillance can be your most valuable asset before and after an event.  Our smart surveillance systems can not only record and store vide but they can also count pedestrian traffic, overlay point of sale transactions and identify license plates.  Let our video solutions do the work they were designed to do… SAVE time and resources.
Let our skilled professionals help you with all of your security, locksmithing and data cabling experts help with all of your facilities low voltage needs.  Call today to discuss your scope of work and we’ll make sure you receive the very best customer service and quality of work, we value your business as our own.
San Antonio Security Monitoring
Only the best For your Business

What our customers want

At Texas Security Integration we are a full service provider offering a wide range of low voltage solutions. Our Professional Security Consultants will asses your needs or threats and design a security solution that is tailored to your needs. Our projects vary in size from large multi-site enterprise solutions to very simple residential alarms and automation. Our goal is to make sure your needs are met and you are satisfied with the services we provide.
Access Control
Fire Alarms
Intrusion Alarms
Video Surveillance

Access Control Made Simple

Mobile App Download


Complete Security Management

Manage all aspects of your security from one easy to use application

Reduced Learning Curve

Reduce the time and resources it takes to educate your team security system management

Its all here

Access Control, Intrusion and video with a single click


Ability to manage and control multiple facilities from a single mobile device

Badging on the Fly

Using your smart phone you can add key cards and badges on the fly making access control easier than ever before

One for All

No need to add users on all your systems, do it from one location

Servicing Austin, Dallas, Houston & San Antonio, Texas